Panty Sizing Guide

Panty Sizing Guide

Use this guide to choose your correct panty size.


How To Use This Panty Sizing Guide

To measure yourself, use a flexible measuring tape if you have one. If not, just use a string or a belt, mark on it and measure the distance afterward with a ruler, yardstick or whatever else you might have handy. You might already know your size pretty well, but we strongly encourage our customers to be sure before they join.

When measuring, place the tape right across your waistline, as shown in the illustration above. Don’t place it at your panty line. Same goes with your hip measurement. These locations shown on the panty sizing guide will give you the best reading. Make sure to just measure the actual size; don’t pull tight on the tape or you may end up with an inaccurate reading.

Most importantly, don’t talk yourself into ordering a size smaller or bigger than you actually are. Our panties love your figure as it is! They’re designed to!