Panty Subscription by SPC

What makes SPC’s panty subscription so special?

Glad you asked! The biggest difference between SPC and other panty subscriptions is that our products are designed by us, produced by us and shipped by us. All of which means that you are receiving a truly original piece of fashion with each panty delivery. Each panty of the month box you receive comes with one style from our unique collection. You can view our current lineup here.

Most panty of the month clubs use generic bulk products

Much of what you’ll find with our competition is just generic bulk product from huge factories, stuff you can find anywhere at cheap clothing stores. Not ours! Our lingerie is carefully handmade in Bali by Prototype, the same craftspeople who create our high-end House of DesNeiges lingerie. You’ll find the quality and durability of SPC to be far beyond what you typically find at a retailer.

Our products are more fun!

Our panty designs don’t take life too seriously. We want you to have as much fun wearing them as we have creating them. Our panty subscription club ships you a totally unique and always surprising design. Some a bit more sexy, some a bit more fun. You’ll look forward to receiving your panty subscription every month when you sign up with Secret Panty Club from House of DesNeiges!

Our panty subscription is the best value

SPC’s high quality, handmade products aren’t just a novelty like so much other lingerie out there. We create lingerie that is not only fun & sexy, but built to last. They are machine-washable and made with durable materials. No more crazy-looking tangled messes in your laundry! You can comfortably wear SPC as everyday lingerie.

Don’t believe us? Come visit our shop & factory in beautiful Bali, Indonesia and see for yourself! We’d love to meet you and give you a tour of our studios. 😀