Valentine’s Day Lingerie

In search of the perfect lingerie for Valentine’s?


You want to buy your Valentine lingerie, but not just any lingerie. You’re looking for something gorgeous that reflects her personality, cute panties or maybe the whole delicious satin shebang…but you don’t know where to start. All you know is that you want her to be impressed by your choice, not scrambling for the return counter the minute you look away or worse have the result of all your hard work left to lead a lonely existence at the back of the panty drawer!


// Gabriel Nunes


It’s difficult to purchase intimate apparel for your lover when you want to surprise them with something new. Really, where do you get your experience in selecting the right piece? Your mother? The mannequins in the lingerie section at your local department store? Perhaps the porn you “accidentally” watched last week? No, No and NO!

None of the above are recommended subjects for inspiration! Find your inspiration by taking a long look at your Love – take in everything about her. Consider her interests and her amazing style or perhaps think back to that time when she told you EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTS. You know she probably has done that already right? Ha ha. Look, it’s okay if you can’t remember, that’s cool. Take to our advice and you’ll be fine!

Pay attention to your lady.

Have you got yourself a lady who loves that Golden Age Hollywood look? Does she adore the black and white screen sirens of old, their finger curled hair and beauty spots? Well, you’re in luck! Shopping for a Screen Goddess is easy – look for understated glamor. Stick to light colors in silk with just a hint of lace peeking through. This style is all about the allure of what you can’t see, so think slips and teddys with feather or lace trim. Be sure to include a flowing delicate floor length robe for sexy sashaying after a romantic dinner!

Some of our favorite lingerie pays homage to the 50’s and 60’s – bright, cheeky and lots of fun! If this sounds like your girl, then look of for a high-waisted panty with added details like lace panels and garter belts.  Think innocent mint greens and baby pinks, with little bursts of brightness. A sheer pink baby doll with flirty ruffles screams 60’s.

Remember to go for colors and shapes that reflect her personality. Go for something like SPC’s Nora g-string if you’re looking to feed her naughty side. A thong that features a graphic print is a playful yet practical (bye-bye panty lines) addition to any girls wardrobe.

BUYING TIP: Be sure to take a sneak peek at the tag of one of her favorite bras and memorize that size! Your lady is then free to enjoy immediate satisfaction.

When it comes to delicates shopping for that gorgeous, yet mysterious girl you’ve just started dating, impress her with some sophisticated lingerie. Stick to black with small details, like a red contrasting trim or tiny sheer ruffles. If you’re starting to get serious and want to show her you’re interested in the long term, go with one of our panty subscriptions. It’s the perfect gift to subtle hint you’re ready for commitment.

Remember to go for class over crass and buy quality materials. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but you definitely don’t want her new lingerie falling apart after one wash (speaking of wash, check out our delicates washing bag). Look for cotton, lycra, or silk on the clothing tag. It’s easy to find quality synthetic blends like cotton and rayon as well.

Buying lingerie can be super tough, especially if you’re unsure of what to look for, us girls know it! When in doubt, go with your first choice. Sometimes it’s best not to over-think it,  but be assured – if you follow our guide, the appreciation for all your effort will be worth more than a thousand gold necklaces could ever be! Be sure to comment and let us know how your Valentine’s Day went.

Baby’s Got BUTT

Oh My God Becky, Look at her butt…

It. Is. So. BIG.
She looks like one of those rap guys girlfriends….
And so it bursts into one of the most popular dance floor fillers ever rapped. Baby got Back has inspired too many songs, clothing ranges and dance moves to mention. Not only that, But Sir Mix A Lot really earnt his knighthood by being a fortune teller – a predictor of the future – with one rap he foretold the future for most of the Kardashian clan and all those who kneel (bounce?) before the Shake your Rump’a lord. Curves are hot, Curves are great! Nothing shows off a beautiful lingerie set than ample curves in all the right places! But what has happened with the world’s obsession with a huge butt? It’s gotten out of hand out the back! Some girls these days be wantin’ WAY too much junk in the trunk!
Butt fail: too much junk in the trunk.

It is just me, or does it seem like this trunk could use a little less junk? flickr photo by davide2000grifo shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

The lengths women are going to, and the procedures they put themselves through for beauty (or the belief of what is beauty RIGHT NOW) is just Crazy X infinity.

I’m ALWAYS a huge believer in being happy in the way you are, that size doesn’t matter, that it’s all about how you feel. It’s all true and I still absolutely believe every single word. I’m in awe of women in their 50’s with gorgeous smile lines and the ladies flaunting everything they’ve got on the beach. If you got an ass like the back of a bus and it got there naturally… work it girl!! I’m there with you in spirit!

Please, don’t get me wrong, I’m totally cool with plastic surgery if you’ve got a strategy and disposable income. Hell, if I could afford to step into a surgeons office right now I have fairly long list of ‘fixes’ I’d get done. But it’s enough to work within those features I arrived on the earth with. I don’t need to totally reinvent myself into some freakish figure.

But(t) what is it with Lady’s going all Jocelyn Wildenstein on their butts? Your delicate bottom is important girls – It helps you sit! That beauty at the back keeps your knickers up, stops the surf washing away your bikini bottoms and most importantly, as Amy Schumer so eloquently reminded us in Your Butt is Cheektastic…Why mess with that stuff?! All butts are awesome!

Did anyone else find THAT ‘internet breaking’ shot of Kim Kadashian from a while back just laughable?! It’s so comical that the Kardashian Cult Clan would seriously expect us to believe that butt isn’t pumped full of silicon – it felt as though it belonged in the ‘Study of arse elephantiasis’ section of a medical journal! A true example of taking the fun WAY TOO FAR. Now we got skinny white girl tennis players trying to compete!

Inside Out Butt...yeah, it's a thing

Inside Out Ass…yeah, it’s a thing Source: YouTube

Rushing to emulate Kim and all the others, women have been resorting to black market butt implants and injections. The results are mostly disastrous – the Awkward Cleavage Crevice of the Bad-Boob-Job World is now the Silicon Legs of the Bad-Butt-Job world. Yep, in some cases when women have used the black market approach the silicon injected into the Butt escapes south down into the legs.  You also run the risk of them exploding or worst still, flipping over!
Wha? Yes. They flip over… Inside. Your. Butt.

Um……yeah…… definitely don’t want THIS happening! Source: YouTube
So in the fine words of that other legendary Hip Hop King, Grandmaster Flash, when it comes to White Lines and Black Market Butt Implants: Don’t do it!!! Accentuate your positives by wearing well-fitting lingerie and hot panties that are cut to highlight your assets. Every ass is beautiful in its own sweet way. You just have to choose the right panty style for the job. Boyshorts are a great style to minimize the look of a big bum; cheeky and tanga styles are perfect to give a flatter butt some extra round shape. Thong panties will give just about any butt some extra pizzaz, if a drooling partner is what you’re after. And if you’re just not that into your butt, no worries, the Lord in his infinite wisdom gave you a pair of backup plans.  
Don’t worry, your ass won’t be jealous!

Free the Nipple!

Nipple confusion

The nipple isn’t the part that’s different. It’s those fleshy bits!

Nipple me this…

Why’s the nipple still airbrushed out of ad campaigns involving sheer bras. I’ve never understood the indecency laws surrounding a little flashing of the nip! Lingerie presents better with a little areola front and center. That’s the whole point of sheer lingerie! The peep show!  A little bit of digging into why my favorite part of the female anatomy has had the main attraction brushed into beige, and this is what I found:

Coney Island isn’t just known for being the super fun place to ride rollercoasters, and where the coolest punk Joey Ramone liked to take his dates.. (Oh Oh I Love Her So! – Best love song to come out of the 80’s.)  It was also at Coney Island one summer in the 1930’s that 4 were arrested for nipple exposure.   *GASP*   Dude nipples out.  On the beach. In the summer time. Insanity right?!  Well, thus began the fight for a man’s right to #freethenipple.

Protests by bare chested men lasted until 1936 when the ban was lifted and it was declared that Men’s Nipples were Natural and Commonplace. Hooray for hairy nipples! But what about us ladies?  Our breasts deserve to be free to do what they want to do, be what they want to be! I’d argue they are more deserving of the freedom, whatwith the conditions some have to put up with, what with cheap bra’s and underwires, and wanting to escape.. aargh!  (BTW, It pays to look after your girls in well-fitting, delicate soft bras, Ladies. 😀 )

It would be years before women where given the same Nipple Rights as men.  In only 5 states of the US, thanks largely to 7 women who, in 1986, protested the laws in Rochester, New York, can you let ’em fly.  Crazy I know!   Lucky you if you’re living in New York, Hawaii, Maine, Ohio or Texas. Don’t be afraid to rock out with your top out!

For everyone else, whatever you’re into is great, but there is nothing indecent, and everything sexy, fun and powerful about a confident woman owning body and owning what she wears and how she wears it.  They are the women I’m in awe of: They are the women heading to work, riding on trains and kicking it in the street.

In 2005 a woman was arrested in New York for going topless in public. Considering the law had been changed for over 15 years, it all seemed a little ridiculous. She was later freed and received compensation.  In a time when there is so much Crazy happening in the world to cause even the strongest of us to want to curl up in bed for a long while, the feeling of control and confidence within yourself, your body and what you wear is something to be embraced. If a girl is confident enough to strut her stuff, she should and more power to her. I might not be totally confident doing it, but lord loves the girls that can! And while getting your groove on topless in the street sounds like so much fun, I think it will be long time coming before it’s a socially acceptable thing to do in downtown Middlesville. We can take heart from those little rebels Miley, Rhianna et al continuously pushing the Social Media laws and wearing FaceBook and Instagram down 2 Nipples at a time.The rest of us will have to be content cutting loose UNDER our outer layers!

When you’re ready to treat yourself to some sexy underthings to accentuate your lovely naughty bits, be sure to check out
Petit Four Underpinnings. American Nouveau lingerie from House of DesNeiges.

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Bad Legs Day

Bad Leg Day

flickr photo by Diamond Farah shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license

I hate my legs.

There, I said it…

I do everything I can to cover them up. …it’s actually my knees mainly. I swear I can see two old men’s faces in the dimples around my knee caps! Whether they look peculiar to anyone else or not doesn’t matter to me – I’m not confident when those dimpled grandpa’s are peeping out at people! And when I’m not confident, I don’t feel sexy, and where’s the fun in that? So, while I usually harp on to everyone how ridiculous it is to hide your (self-imposed) flaws away, sometimes you just need to give yourself a break right? If dressing around, and over, my old man knees gets me up on the table dancing up a storm rather than being all insecurity-in-the-corner then so be it. We can’t be awesome and 100% self-confident all of the time right ladies?!

The same goes when it comes to lingerie. You don’t have to wear the skimpiest French lingerie to feel sexy! Buying bras, panties, camisoles, and whatnot that highlights the features you are confident about and sexys up those features you aren’t so keen on makes for Happy Hottness.  It can feel as though Sexy City has crowned you Queen and given you the key to the clubs, even if you aren’t going all Lindsey Lohan down there!

So what do you do when you’re feeling like you need a boost in the lingerie confidence stakes?

When I get a bad case of the ‘Fat Knees’ I rifle through my lingerie drawer and pull out my never-fail sheer panties (to highlight my ASSets), some hot stockings and a garter…. I bring sexy back! I believe they elongate my leg, create the appearance of defined legs where I think there is none. The perfect cure! My legs are exactly the same before I pimped ’em out, and it is so simple, but all the good feels rise beyond infinity when I’m body happy!

My good friend laughs off my knee paranoia as ridiculous, and then in the same sentence bitches that she wished her boobs were rounder! Her boobs are already great, trust me, but when she wants to give herself a little self-assurance she searches through her wardrobe for her favorite push-up bra that fits her just right or that lacy number that’s just like Whoa, Tits! Same pimping, Baby, just a different insecurity!

Legs, Legs, Legs

Legs come in all shapes and sizes flickr photo by Diamond Farah shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license

We can spend all day being Negative Nancy on our beautiful bodies, but for every part that you diss, I now say it is time to praise those parts that have done you well – that arse of yours that caught the eye of Boyfriend number 3 while dancing at Ultra in 2004. Or remember the bikini that kept EVERYTHING together and looking hawt that summer on the beach in Cancun? Instead of dwelling on little flaws praise the good times, and take the genuine compliments when they are thrown your way! Sometimes our crazy paranoid minds will just hate on everything about our bodies; we are so cruel to ourselves like that. But when your partner or friend calls you out for the hot jeans, or compliments your cute little cami top and what it does for your yaya’s…take those props with a huge high five. We are all HOT STUFF, but when you live with something long enough it is easy to look over it’s greatness and to pick and poke at its ‘flaws’ …Like grandpa knees for example. 😉

New Rule:

Let’s be fangirls of our favorite lady part from now on okay?
I’ll go first: I’m a bit in love with my ass. Jeans WORK on me you know? You probably don’t freely shout it from the roof tops, but you’ve got a favourite… whether it’s your right arm, left boob, nose or toenails… next time you’re with your girlfriends and a bottle of wine, don’t fall into the ‘I hate’ trap.. Praise your Greatness girls – Your body deserves it!